Doc Bar
1956 - 1992

Tom & Jack Finley (AZ) bred Dandy Doll to Lightning Bar (son of Three Bars - TB). They named the foal Doc Bar.

Doc Bar was bred for speed (didn't do well racing), but ended up a halter horse who sired exceptional cutting horses and very good (primarily cow) performance horses. Shown at halter (and stood as stallion) by Charley Araujo of CA. Of 13 showings at halter, Doc Bar was grand champion 10 times and reserve champion once.

In 1962 Doc Bar was sold for $30,000 to Dr. (dentist) & Mrs. Stephen Jensen of Orinda, CA. Doc Bar lived at their ranch south of Hollister, CA, managed by daughter Stephenie and her husband, Charlie Ward. The ranch purchased some Poco Tivio and foundation bred QH mares, and the get went on to make history. Perhaps one of the most famous and successful breeding combinations was Doc Bar and Teresa Tivio.

Doc Bar lines dominated NCHA (cutting) for 2 decades (Doc O'Lena, Dry Doc, Smart Little Lena, Doc's Lynx, Doc's Remedy, Cuttabar, etc.). Those lines continue to influence many of the leading horses in the cow horse world.

Doc Bar sired his last foal when he was 21, was retired to pasture (sterile) with an old companion mare, and was humanely put down at age 36 when his health failed.

Doc Bar lines are still very respected and popular for riders who like to go after cows ...


from Cutting by S. Harrison ...

[Art Pollard was the owner of Doc Bar's sire, and the quotes below are credited to him.]

"Doc Bar took after Dandy Doll. She was a little apple rumped, tight-twisted mare, like so many of the Texas Dandy's were. Texas Dandy was a rangy horse, but he sired a lot of very close coupled Steel Dust types. They could really blast for a couple hundred yards."

"Lightning Bar had the best hip and back that I have ever seen before or since, was pin eared, long muzzled and pig eyed. He was not forked (in the chest) and he was flat withered. But he was a sight to see. I think in halter he was only beaten one time."

"Doc Bar inherited a short back and small stature from his dam, and a pretty head from Three Bars."


Téměř každý dobrý cutter dnes ve svém původu koně jménem Doc Bar - byl výjmečný plemeník, který významně ovlivnil cuttingový sport. Jeho dcery a synové svým stylem a schopnostmi cutting navždy změnili…..